The Best Audiological Care Starts Here

Should You See an Audiologist?

Audiologists work with patients of all ages, treating infants, children and adults for a variety of hearing and balance problems—they provide services that include:

  • Performing auditory assessments 
  • Educating and counseling patients on hearing loss, tinnitus, and hearing disorders
  • Counseling patients and their families on communication strategies 
  • Fitting and dispensing hearing aids using the gold standard approach
  • Fitting customized swim molds and hearing protection
  • Providing aural rehabilitation 
  • Newborn hearing screenings

How Is Hearing Loss Treated?

1. Setup an Appointment

We can help you schedule an appointment with the right specialist for your needs. Hearing loss is common, and an in-person visit is the first step towards treatment. Family members or friends are always welcome.

2. See an Audiologist for a Hearing Evaluation

An audiologist will test your hearing to determine the cause and severity of your hearing loss. They will answer all of your questions and work with you to find the right treatment solution for your needs.

3. Have Your Hearing Device Fitted

After helping you choose the treatment plan that is right for you, we’ll guide you through the hearing device fitting process, and our audiology team will provide ongoing support every step of the way.

4. Follow-Up Consultation

Depending on your treatment plan a follow-up visit is typically scheduled several weeks after your initial device fitting. Your audiologist will work with you to make further adjustments, answer any additional questions and provide ongoing support.